Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The lady lumps, humps, and queer dogs

So, I think that I have hit that point where I know I need to go on a diet. My “Lovely Lady Lumps” have become bigger than ever, my “Humps” are quite round these days (so my sister informed me), and I got a bit more jiggle than I think I need. I think that fact that I am admitting this is good. Now, if only that excitement for losing weight can be translated into the pounds falling off.
So me and the pups get all geared up to go for a walk in the neighborhood. I had to buy Skeeter a harness today because he is such a chunk that he can slip out of any collar because his neck is thicker than his head. The only harness that was left was this black one with different neon colored tennis balls all over it. Skeeter officially looks queer. So I get everyone all buckled up and they pull me up the street.
There are so many “characters” in this neighborhood. You have the guy that lives next door to me that reminds me of that neighbor from “Home Improvement”. He is always starring over the fence at me, but never speaks. Not so much as a hey while he is ALWAYS starring at me. I just want to be like “yeah, my dogs are taking a crap, can I help you?’. Then there are the weirdos that feel that they are so important that they need to walk their dogs in the MIDDLE of the street. I could just run up to these folks and poke them in their eye. Let’s not forget those retched people that feel that they are so important that they do not have to bend over and pick their dogs crap up. I mean I know I look stupid carrying around a bag of poo but, come on, it is the nice thing to do!
Anyways, wish me luck as me and my chunky dogs try to lose a little bit of poundage. I’m off to eat some spinach, bitches!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Time Disease

Like tons of Americans, I suffer from allergies. When spring time rolls around, I am miserable. While all the other little boys and girls were outside running around and rolling in the grass...I was inside with scratchy eyes and toilet paper shoved up my nose. So every year when spring begins I ready myself for the hell that is pollen.

So, Sunday I celebrated Easter with my family by being outside, at a pond, fishing. You can imagine how all of my mucus celebrating extremities celebrated this. I had full on snot disease with bouts of hail force sneezes. Not to mention the severe swimmy headedness and the swollen, itchy, red eyes. My Grandma gave me some prescription Claratin. That just made me more swimmy headed.

Finally me and Mr Biggs decide that we should hit the road back to home. All the way I am ring with the head cocked back as to hold the snot in. We come across the CVS and Biggs says he will go in for me. I tell him exactly this " I want Benadryl. Lots of it. Get me the sleepy kind and the non-sleepy kind. I don't care if it is name brand or off brand. Just get it for me. My symptoms are sneezy-ness, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Now go and fetch." I gave him a $20 and sent him on his way.

Minutes later, he returns. He throws this bag on my lap and goes, "Uh, they didn't have what you wanted. Here this is for a stuffy head". I open the bag and it is one of the day/night two packs of Nyquil and Dayquil.

I looked at Biggs and said "what about my long spiel on Allergies, snot disease, and such made you think that I had a cold"? I then informed him that Nyquil doesn't cure anything but conscienceness. I am glad to know that in a whole drug store, there is no allergy medicine to be found. Also, might I add, I received no change.

So, today, I sit here still suffering from the snot disease. But if I start to feel a cold coming on, I will be fully prepared!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Irritation, and general life I guess

I have to say, I am irritated. I just started a flickr account. I was browsing around looking for groups to join to display the things that I am making for etsy.
Let me just start this by saying, I sew. I have always sewn. I recently discovered resin and I though "hey, that looks neat". Well I started making things and I thought I would put it on Etsy and try to sell it. Mind you I have not made a SINGLE sale yet. Well as I was looking around Flickr I saw this girl who also sells resin on etsy. She had made a pendant that said "eat @#$%". She said it was dedicated to all the copycat people on etsy that make resin stuff. She said there were 4 people. She named two of them. I assume I am one of them because I also put sprinkles in things and blah blah blah.
You know, I have never looked at anything on etsy and said "I am going to copy that and sell it'! I make things, in my opinion that look totally different than hers! I put buttons ands a lot of glitter in my stuff! It just makes me mad because she had all these people on there that were bashing the other people and saying that they would spread the word not to buy from these people! that is shit! I mean come one! How many people sell kids clothes on there, you know? How many people sell aprons and hats? I am sure they don't all talk smack and tell people not to buy from the other people! I feel like they sell the same stickers and charms and buttons in my town, why the hell can I not put sprinkles in my necklace???
Well I have news for this bitch. I hate to say it but she is a bitch. On her site she was calling everyone else that did resin a bunch of "thieving cunts". So yeah, I will call her a bitch.
I do sew, and I am about to start making something that is so much way cooler than her stoopid self has ever seen.
On top of that, you are all gonna be so excited to see my new resin idea. TOTALLY NEW<> NOT STOLLEN AT ALL...
Sorry to vent, it just make me mad. Only my sis is allowed to call me a cunt :)

In general life news, I am so excited about easter. Well not the whole bunny part, but the getting to be out of school and getting to see my family. About a year ago I moved 40 minutes away from my family that I had always lived across the road from. I only get to see them about once a week now, and miss them terribly!
Oh, and I totally love easter for the candy!!!

Well I am off to finish working and then to go to the SEWING store so I can make some cool things:)

Thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hi everyone! So thois is my first blog on here, so I will try to make it interesting.

Lets see. I currently intern at a local middle school and it is HELL. These kids are the devil's spawn, I swear. They cuss, hit, kick, spit, throw things...It is so out of control. Last week one boy (seventh grade) yelled across the room to another girl that she was just made because everyone knew she let him put it in her "poopoo hole". Kid you not. She then yelled back that he was just mad cause he had a little "thingie". This went back and forth DURING class. All the teacher said was "now ya'll." Yesterday they had to make fruit smoothies and the kids kept talking about how they smelled like they had vodka in them. Then they started on how good they would be with vodka in them...7th graders! This is our future ya'll!

Other than that, school is just the usual bore. I have to present my genogram today in my family systems class (PS, I am in school for Family and Consumer Science Education which is just a fancy name for Home Ec and such). This is kind of like a family tree. Well I have to talk about my family for like 8 minutes. Mind you, I go to a HBCU so I am the only white person in my class. I am totally fine with that, it is just that the teacher is forever pointing out that I am the only white person. So I have to get up and talk about my family to these kids. I'm just not excited to be like "and these are my redneck cousins and yeah, I hate most of this part of the family...blah blah blah". I feel that buisness needs to be behind closed doors!

Me and Mr. Biggs (My man) are doing very well. He is on 1st shift 12 hours this week instead of his normal 2nd shift 8 hours, so he is in rare form. We had a super romantic night last night, we both got home at about 7:30 from work and school and went to the Taco Bell. Yeah, he knows how to treat a lady. I am still on his case about the ring....

Other than that, thsi day has been fairly boring, sitting behind the desk at work! I am off to school soon until 9 PM tonight :(.

I am super excited about this blog! Thanks for looking!

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