Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Sex in Greensboro"...It just doesn't have the same ring to it...

Who else is just about to pee their pants in anticipation for the Sex and the City movie?
I, for one, am. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the show. I own all the seasons and watch them everytime I sew. I bet I have seen every episode atleast 35 times each. Seriously. No Lie. I love that show that freakineg much. I guess it has something to do with wanting to be like these women. I love their clothes and attitudes. I love it all.
For some reason, I just don't think that I can dress like that in Greensboro. Also, I feel that if I were to sleep with that many people, in the area where I live, I feel I might get a name for myself, as my mom would say.
I want to get all dressed up in fancy clothes and heels (of course) and go see the movie, cosmo in hand. Any volunteers to be my Samantha...cause I am totally a Carrie. :)

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Famous! (in my own head)

Yep, the time has come. All of you will be able to say "I knew her when...". I'm famous. All you lesser people bow before me!

Of course I am just playing! I am excited though! I was featured in a blog today! The blogger is this super sweet woman I met on CafeMom. She is a fabulous photographer. I am just so excited to have met her. She is the sweetest lady. Here is a link to her blog. Go check it out, and look at the other sellers she has featured. There is some real talent on there!

Leave a comment for her! She will love that! Check out her photos...priceless!

Oh, besides being fabulous and famous, I am preparing for exams. I will be so glad when this semester is over! I am going to spend the whole summer working, taking online classes, and making lots of new stuff for my etsy. Also, me and the sis are doing the fall festival in Asheboro, NC. So go ahead and mark the first week of October on your calendars!

Oh yeah, I am making rings now! Check them out! Like my necklaces, they are totally customizable! (this weekend I will be working on earrings!)

Tonight I am supposed to be spending time with my favorite cousins. I am excited cause I feel like with school I have had no time to see anyone. I want to go roller skating. How gangster is that?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chuncky Butt and The End Is In Sight!

Hi all! So, it is official. I am a chunky butt. That's right, I am! They say admitting it is the first step :) I joined weight watchers a week ago to cure my self of the second freshman 40 I have gained in my life. I didn't realize that was true if you were going back to school at my age. Mr Biggs is loving this whole dieting thing because it means that I am cooking a lot more. He doesn't really care for the fact that what I am cooking has a lot less butter and added baddness, but he loves food none the less.

Also, I am am in the homestretch of becoming a senior. This is a big deal because i have been in school on and off for almost a decade (college that is). So, yeah, I will graduate next year with a degree in Family and Consumer Science Education. Basically that means I will get to teach all of the Home Ec types classes. I am super excited!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons...

You make a kick ass lemon skirt!!!!

Check it out! This is my new "creation"! This is a retro style reversable wrap skirt. One side features kelly green fabric and two little embroidered lemons. The other side is made of an awesome lemon printed fabric. THere is a yellow ribbon going all the way around the skirt that is long enough to wrap around and tie on the other side if wanted. There are buttons on both sides so you can wear this sucker however you want. And he most cool part is when you walk, you can see the underside. This skirt is really too cute!!
BTW - I had no model, so I had to photo these laying on the bed. I'll get some better pics! (Mr Biggs said these weren't his he wouldn't try it on for the pics!)
Let me know what you think!

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Domestic Diva and Mr Biggs Loves Hooters

So all weekend long I was so domestic. Saturday after I got off work I came home and cleaned for like 9 hours straight. I figured it was time because there were dog hair tumbleweeds floating across the floor. I am tallking my house is CLEAN! I told Mr Biggs that the living room was so empty after I put everything where it belonged that I could hear my voice echo!
So yesterday i woke up and went to the evil grocery store. I say that because it is the closest one to my house and all the teenagers who work there are mean and have total attitude because I am bothering them by making them do their job of checking me out and baggin my groceries. Mr Biggs was sp excited to have groceries in the house that he almost helped me put them up! Instead he decided to heat up the leftover hooters wings and sat on his butt and watched tv. Gotta love him.
Then, the most super exciting thing...
I spent yesterday sewing! I made the cutest skirt! I have to sew some snaps on it this evening after I get out of class, but other than that, it is fabulous! I will have to post pics of it tonight!
Well I am off to my last day of the intership from hell.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I prefer reality TV to my own reality. And I'm getting OLD!

So. It happened this week. I’m old.
At 26 (almost 27), I have decided that I am old.
I was watching top 100 songs of the 90’s on VH1, and I started to say to myself, “Self, why don’t they make music like this anymore?” Now mind you, this was the decade of “I’m too sexy” and “Achey Breaky Heart”. There were people commenting on Nirvana being this iconic band, and how long it had been. I can still remember going to freshman (high school) earth science and seeing a guy wearing one of those shirts with Kurt Cobain’s death certificate on the front. I mean, that was 13 years ago now! I was just sitting on the couch, thinking I could actually feel the grey hair coming in! I kept thinking to myself, “man, I need to put this on a mixed CD; they never play good music like this anymore!” How pathetic is this?
Also, speaking of VH1, who else is addicted to their reality shows? I mean if you put 15 skanks in a house competing for something, I will watch it. But I LOVE Rock of Love. Mainly cause I remember my neighbor in college stumbling across the Brett Michael’s Porn… (Yeah, ROCK of love). I love this show because all the girls are so out there! I mean I want to meet people like this in real life. Like this crazy Daisy chick. Wow. I mean come the hell on. I sit in the bed watching this every week (in the bed cause me and Biggs are so old and have to be in bed early so we won’t fall and break our hips or something) and I ask Jeremy “Do you think she is pretty because I don’t see it.” He always says…”I don’t know. No.” Thankfully Biggs is a Butt man, cause I got butt, man.
Also, speaking of reality TV, I love BRAVO’s shows. Right now, The Real Housewives of New York is on. It is disgusting. The fact that these airheaded women have so much money and spend it on so much nothing, is crazy. I mean some of them are in their 40’s and they sound like I did in college. Blah. Rich Bitches.
Yeah, so I have big plans this weekend to master a mold for us girls with extra large hands. These bitch bangle molds are too freaking small for people with normal hands. So yeah, check out the shop next week for new bangles! And if the eBay lady ever sends me my cups, there will be lots of new everything. AND>>>>I am going to start sewing this weekend! Bomchickawahwah!

Night All!